Are you looking for Automatic Sliding Doors Commercial? Houlihan’s Industrial Doors Provides durable Automatic Electric Roller Doors Adelaide

Are you looking for Automatic Sliding Doors for your commercial setup? Houlihan’s Industrial Doors Provides durable electric automatic roller doors in Adelaide. We are the leading name for automatic sliding doors commercial Installation. There are numerous benefits of automatic sliding doors. We provide low-energy automatic doors that aren’t heavy on your pocket. We are specialists in Automatic Gates and Barriers, Industrial Doors, Traffic Control Systems, Door Operators and More!

Best Automatic Sliding Doors Commercial Installation Company

Keeping in view the needs of differently abled and disabled people, we also made electric and automatic sliding and roller doors. Further, we are also experts in repair works of different types of doors. We have over three decades of experience in making automatic sliding doors commercial and domestic usage.

Our experience has helped us to know what works and what doesn’t. We have the best technicians to do the job; they are certified and trained to do the job professionally! We can be reached 24/7 for any emergency repair work to help you out!

Why Choose Automatic Sliding Doors Commercial?

The benefits of automatic sliding doors commercial are countless, which is why they’re becoming more and more popular. Here are some of the main reasons why so many businesses choose to install these kinds of doors:

  • Automatic doors are more energy efficient than manual ones because they don’t require any effort to open or keep them closed, unlike manual doors that need to be manually opened and closed with every use. This means that you’ll save money on electricity bills since your automatic sliding door won’t need extravagant power when it opens itself up for you!
  • You can also control your automatic sliding door remotely using an app on your smartphone or tablet device. This makes it easy for anyone who needs access to certain areas of buildings (like cleaners) without having to worry about whether they have keys with them so they can unlock those entrances first before coming inside, which would take forever in some cases!
Automatic Roller Doors Adelaide

Durable Automatic Roller Doors Adelaide

  • Houlihan’s Industrial Doors is one of the most trusted names in Australia when it comes to providing high-quality and durable automatic roller doors Adelaide. We have been in this industry for more than three decades and are well known for our excellent range of products. These include industrial sliding gates and garage doors. Our experts can help you select the best option based on your needs.Our roller and sliding doors come with state-of-the-art technology that ensures safe and reliable operation without any maintenance or repair work. We offer products that are available across Australia at affordable rates so that everyone can get them easily.Our experts will guide you through every step of the selection process until you get the right product according to your requirements. We also provide home surveys so that there are no mistakes during installation or repair work on site.

Energy Efficient Automatic Roller Doors Adelaide

Low-energy automatic roller doors Adelaide are a great choice for any business. They help make things easier for everyone, and they will save you time and money with their ease of use. These energy-efficient automatic doors can be used for communities for disabled and differently abled-bodied persons.

Automatic Doors for Disabled Employees

If you have employees who are on wheels or those who use walkers, then an automatic door can make it easier for them to get through your building without having to call ahead of time or have someone stay behind after hours just to keep an eye on the door, so it doesn’t close on them when they’re going through.

Need of Doors Automatic for Commercial Setups

Automatic doors are used mainly in businesses to help make things easier for everyone. They can be used in other places besides businesses, but they are most commonly found at the front entrance of a business. Automatic doors are great because they allow people to enter or exit a building quickly and easily without any effort from them, making it much easier for those who have disabilities or mobility issues.

Automatic Sliding Doors Commercial

For example, someone who uses crutches would have difficulty opening and closing a regular door themselves; an automatic door would open automatically when their presence is detected by sensors located around the door frame, allowing them access into the building without having to push anything at all!

Entrance and Egress Solutions with Automatic Gates and Barriers

Electric sliding gate operators are designed to open and close the gate automatically, eliminating the need for manual operation. They can be used with a variety of gates, including sliding gates and roller doors. The operator uses sensors to detect when a vehicle approaches and then opens or closes accordingly.

The benefits of using an electric automatic sliding door commercial include:

  • Easy installation – All you need is power from an electrical outlet, and your automated gate will be ready to go! No wires or pipes are needed!
  • Safety – Sensors prevent collisions with vehicles as they approach your facility so visitors can safely enter without worrying about accidents happening at their business doors each time someone comes by after hours.

Automatic Gates, Door Operators and More!

If you’re looking for a company that provides high-quality and reliable services, then Houlihan’s Industrial Doors is the right choice. We have over three decades of experience in this industry, and we have become a leading name in providing solutions to our clients. Our services are available for commercial buildings, schools and government agencies.

Electric Automatic Door Operators for Handicap Accessibility

In most cases, automatic roller doors are the best solution for handicap accessibility. A manual door can be opened by a visitor, but it requires someone to do it for them. If no one is available, the visitor may have to wait until someone comes along. This could take several minutes and would be inconvenient for both parties involved.

A manually operated door also means that there is a good chance that visitors will forget to close the door behind them when they leave; this leaves open an opportunity for intruders or potential burglars to enter your building at any time of day or night without anyone noticing until it’s too late.

Automatic roller doors provide much more convenient because they allow you full control over who gets access into your building as well as when they get access; this allows you greater security than manually operated doors since only authorized persons will be able to open up these types of entrances without having any prior experience doing so beforehand (such as knowing how many times turn around key switch before entering the room).

Best Electric Roller Door Adelaide

We are the best repair shop for electric roller door Adelaide with over three decades of experience. Our team of professionals has years of experience and expertise in the field to repair, service and replace your roller and sliding door parts. We have a group of electricians that work on all types of doors, including metal, wooden and PVC doors.

Electric Door Repair Specialists

We have another group called technicians who specialize in repairing electronic locks and transmitters for automatic gates as well as servicing them if they’re not working correctly or need any adjustments made so they run smoothly again after being used regularly over time without needing much maintenance work done regularly during this time period which would cost more money out-of-pocket than just hiring someone who knows how everything works inside these kinds.

Electric Roller Door Adelaide for Commercial Properties

If you are looking for an electric roller door Adelaide for commercial properties, then Houlihan’s Industrial Doors is the right place for you. We are the leading name for installation, modification and repair work. We provide durable Roller Doors in Adelaide that not only provide safety but are also best for climate control. Our team of expert technicians will help you to get the best results.